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Julie Williams

Julie Williams aka "The Bosom"

Born in Indiana, 1940, Julie began modelling in 1961, appearing frequently in men's magazines in the subsequent nine years.

Julie Williams: Wild Gals of the Naked West

The tagline for the 1962 Russ Meyer film she appeared in reads, "A SINtillating, titillating, rollicking, raucous, romp through the wild & swinging West."

However, many regard this movie, Wild Gals of the Naked West (aka, Immoral Girls of the Naked West, Naked Gals of the Golden West, The Immoral West - and How It Was Lost, The Naked West - and How It Was Lost) as by no means one of uncle Russ's finest. But, regardless of whether posterity judges it to be one of art house's finest or as sucking the proverbial donkey's balls, it did star Julie Williams and her glorious performing nipples.


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